Cookies for all Occasions


Workshops are held at The Hive on the High Street in Shepton Mallet, some smaller one to one workshops are also held at my studio on Tadley Acres


This workshop is designed with beginners in mind who would like to work with Royal Icing. We will explore fun ways to decorate cookies for gifts, children's parties and wedding favours.  Its a lovely workshop on which you will be learning a variety of techniques which will include the making and piping of Royal Icing, achieving different consistencies for different results. Sugar crafting techniques where you will learn how to make simple sugar paste flowers.

Details of the Course:

In this one session course (three hours) we will be teaching you how to:

  • Make Royal Icing
  • Achieve different consistencies for a variety of results
  • Piping Royal Icing and flood work
  • Work with sugar paste,successfully handle and colour it
  • Use sugar paste to create a variety of flowers
  • Decorate supplied cookies with the techniques you have learnt.

Included in the price of £25

  • All refreshments through the session
  • The use of all equipment, including an apron
  • Materials and ingredients used
  • Recipe sheets and course notes
  • Freshly baked cookies that you get to take home with you - please bring a container with you to take your masterpieces home


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