Flower Workshops: Nostalgic Vintage

Bouquet of colorful flowers arranged in small vase


Beautiful and romantic arrangements that are simple and easily combined with wonderful pre-loved finds.   Each arrangement you create on the basis of what you learn will be unique with their own story to tell from a day gone by.  This is whimsical and quirky at its best.

Details of the Course:

This course designed to be fun and indulge in a little romantic nostalgia.  With the skills you take from this course you will be able to enhance your home easily and effortlessly and with a little crafting that we will be doing create a fabulous Tussie Mussie as either a gift, door welcome or chair back decoration.

On this course we will :

Learn how to recognise the freshness of the flowers and herbs you are purchasing, learn how to take care of them to ensure you get the best out of them and what you can use from the world around you starting with your own flower and herb garden

  • Create a Vintage tea cup arrangement
  • Craft and decorate a paper cone holder which you will fill with your beautifully created Tussie Mussie. We will be looking at the significance of the foliage and flowers that were used in traditional Tussi Mussie’s

Kchenkruter (Kruter der Provence) auf Holzuntergrund

Included this 3 hour course in the price of £67.00:

  • All refreshments through the session
  • All flowers and materials used
  • All creations are yours to take home
  • Course notes
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